BESA-Fulcrum Acoustic-Linea Research Partner On First Joint Install

BESA-Bowls Engineering Sound & Acoustics was honored to be the first installer of a Linea Research amplifier integrated into a Fulcrum Acoustic speaker sound design. The installation took place on Friday January 19, 2018 at Wilwood Calvary Chapel in the greater Los Angeles suburbs city of Yucaipa.

UK based, Linea Research, is represented in the US by Rik Kirby of Allied Professional Technologies, LLC in Mission Viejo, CA, who helped with the installation of their flagship model 48M10 amplifier, a 10,000 watt, four input, eight output touring model.

Asked why this model was specified for this project, Darren Bowls, of BESA- Bowls Engineering responded, “First off, LR amplifiers are in a class of their own. We ran the demo amplifier through our tests for two months, which included using it for mixing several singles in our recording studio. The tracks turned out amazing, which is a testament to the accuracy of these LR amp designs.”

Bowls added, “I was floored by the discreetness of mono, and the space within the stereo imaging. This is a very fast, punchy amp with lots of space between left and right. It is clear this amp can function effortlessly in a live setting, as well as the critical listening environments of a recording studio.”

“With Rich Frembes of Fulcrum Acoustics providing the new FIR algorithms for LR, I could now pair the LR amplifiers with Fulcrum Acoustic speakers. This is a perfect match for our installs as the fidelity of these amps translates just as well in live environments. The hardware is very well thought out and well built, and the DSP software is easy to use and runs at 96k, which means we aren’t leaving any fidelity on the table.”

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