In regards to sound, BESA’s design philosophy always ends with what is most musical. Decades of studio recording and mixing work has shown that music must make a person feel something special, or it’s not right. Accuracy is only beneficial if it translates to something musically inspiring. Acoustical environments that technically scope as spectrally perfect are often very difficult rooms to listen to music in because we are not used to hearing music or everyday sounds in that way. Acoustically perfect rooms can sound sterile and lifeless. Surprisingly, some of the very best recordings in history were done in very flawed environments that were never designed for music recording or listening. Those spaces gave those recordings magical personality.

With that in consideration, BESA starts with room modeling as part of our sound system and room acoustical designs. It gets us in the ballpark. From there it’s all about how the room makes us feel while listening to music. Rules are sometimes meant to be broken. Correct room feel often requires thinking outside of the box, and in the end, we don’t listen to music with a spectrum analyzer. We listen with our ears.

Designing acoustical room feel is nothing short of an art form. 

Below is an example of our starting point:

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